Monday, May 01, 2006

Negotiation of the Navajo Fort Sumner Treaty of 1868

The Farmington, NM DailyTimes today ran an interesting article by Erny Zah summarizing the four days of negotiations that led to the Navajo Nation's Fort Sumer Treaty signed July 1, 1868. The Treaty was negotiated after five years of Navajo incarceration at Bosque Redondo (Hweeldi in Navajo) in southern New Mexico following their forced military evacution from their sacred Four Corners area on the Long Walk. Interestingly, General William T. Sherman first suggested that the Navjo be relocated to the Indian Treaty. Navajo negotiators led by the great Navajo leader Barboncito successfully insisted on return to their sacred Four Corners area. The complete story can be found here.


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