Monday, April 09, 2007

Updated List of Speakers for the MSU Law & Lit Conference

We've had a great initial response to our call for panelists. Here's a quick update of speakers. Please let us know if you're interested in participating in this first-of-its-kind symposium.

  • Larry Cata Backer (Penn State Law)
  • David Carlson (CSU San Bernadino Literature)
  • Kirsten Matoy Carlson (Michigan PhD)
  • Kristen Carpenter (Denver Law)
  • Jo Carrillo (Hastings Law)
  • Richard Delgado (Pitt Law)
  • Bruce Duthu (Vermont Law)
  • Gordon Henry (MSU Literature)
  • Amelia Katanski (Kalamazoo College Literature)
  • Stuart Rieke (Univ. of North Dakota Literature)
  • Jean Stefancic (Pitt Law)
  • Melissa Tatum (Tulsa Law)
  • Monique Vondall-Rieke (Univ. of North Dakota Law)
  • Christine Zuni (New Mexico Law)


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